Meet the Namaste Flow Yoga family!


Janelle Faison

Yoga Instructor/Studio Owner 

I started yoga because I was stressed and dealt with anxiety after my second son was born. Yoga helped me restore balance and positively in my life. I discover the power of releasing emotional tension and healing.  Through my journey, I've learned the truth about myself and what was holding me back in life. I truly want to help my clients realize that beauty comes from within and radiates outward. I do this by encouraging yogis to practice with their heart. This is a key element that yoga has given me and it's truly a gift!  I observe my clients and provide cues that deliver transformation in the soul & body.  During class, I carefully monitor the progress of my students to offer modifications and amplifications to keep students safe. It is essential to me that I provide instruct suitable clients regardless of their fitness level. I enjoy creating an environment where clients can laugh and have fun. Life is too short to take it seriously! Laugh hard and often!



Tara Vodihn

Shimmy Chic Fitness Instructor

Tara Vodihn is pleased to bring Shimmy Chic Fitness™ to Namaste Flow Yoga!  She began performing with a student troop after taking only six dance classes, and hasn't looked back.  A few short years later she found herself at the head of Vashti, an American Tribal Style belly dance troop, which was an audience favorite in Gainesville, FL.  She is ready to get you to shimmy, smile, and sweat!