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Our talented instructor Janelle gently encourages us to challenge our body and let go as we enter into our asanas (poses) but to listen to what is right for your body as we all are different. It is a class where the ego and competitiveness is left at the door. It is definitely challenging, fun, and a union of like minds who join together to be a better me.”  ~ Kim


“Place was great and people were friendly.” ~ Anonymous


“The instructors are amazing.” ~ Anonymous


“Very relaxing and slow paced great for newbies.” - Anonymous


“I've been going to these sessions shortly after they began and really enjoy them. As an older male who probably doesn't exercise enough, I'm interested in having more flexibility and stamina and find yoga to be very helpful. Janelle constantly varies the poses and is extremely helpful to her students. She continually suggests alternatives to a pose if it is too easy or too difficult. This is a very good class.” ~ Bill


"Love it."~ Yarira


"Great Instructor and great classes!" ~ Cindy