Class Descriptions

Not all yoga styles are created equal-some yoga comes with a calorie blasting cardio-like endorphin rush, some with a decadent dose of calm, and some with the ability to slim you down. Our studio offers Gentle, Restorative, Hatha, Vinyasa and PilatesWhether you’re looking to get centered or get buff, we have a yoga class to suit your mood and help you meet your goals. Find your yoga match! 


Yoga Fundamentals: The basics to energizing and revitalizing your body. Build a strong foundation for a life long, successful practice in this introductory session that will lead you to a path of nurturing your mind, body and spirit and sculpting long lean muscles along the way. Influenced by Iyengar yoga, this class breaks downs the precise actions in the postures to help teach correct alignment, concentration and building body awareness. A series of poses is then used to familiarize students with basic yoga sequences and maximize the output of each pose. Level 1* Designed to accommodate students of all fitness levels, people who have taken a few yoga classes and for people who have never set foot on a yoga mat. Pace is very slow. 


Chair Yoga: This gentle yoga practice makes yoga accessible to everyone with support of a chair. You’ll practice postures that focus on lengthening/toning the muscles while improving your posture and circulation.  This style is prefect for those whom have difficulty standing, limited mobility or severe aches and pains. If you suffer from symptoms such as hypertension (high blood pressure), anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, vertigo (medical), multiple sclerosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, clinical depression, or chronic pain, this class is for you! No yoga mat required. Level 1* This slow paced class is designed for anyone with poor circulation, limited mobility and injuries. 


Restorative and Yoga Nidra:  After a long day, unwind with restorative/gentle stretches and Yoga Nidra. Learn to really, completely relax! This form of yoga is practiced lying down comfortably, supported by cushions and covered lightly with a blanket. Experience the powerful practice that induces a complete state of physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Access the borderline state between wakefulness and sleep to receive the benefits of mediation without the challenges of trying to still the mind. 1 hr of yoga nidra = 4hrs conventional sleep. Level 1 – This slow paced class is designed for everyone. Those suffering from anxiety, depression, stress or insomnia will benefit most from this practice.   If you have injuries and limited mobility, a chair can be incorporated into your practice. 

Groovy Hips:  Reinvigorate the body by doing poses that develop and maintain a healthy range of motion in the hips. After a dynamic warm-up sequence and targeted poses, you’ll finish with 15 to 20 minutes of longer, restorative stretches. Each class is designed to rebalance the body & mind. Sessions closes with pranayama breathing techniques and a tranquil self-appreciation mantra. Ideal for pregnant woman! Level 1* An excellent way to balance out the stress of modern life. Students of every level can benefit. Even if you are devoted to a particular practice, this is a great active relaxation session.


MBody Yoga: It’s yoga’s new power couple! The studio’s signature class which is a fusion of various yoga/pilates/strength-training styles inspired by a blend of yoga traditions. It is geared to sculpt a balanced body and mind. Incorporating breathing techniques and concentration brings a Zen-like focus to the workout. Since these classes include more than one yoga discipline, it allows space for the teacher’s creativity to shine. Level 1 & 2* Basic knowledge of yoga postures and capacity for standard workouts are recommended. The creativity of the instructor drives the difficulty/tempo and sequence of the class.


Vinyasa Style– Power Yoga: Get strong and flexible through this dynamic practice! In Sanskrit, the word "Vinyasa" means "breath and movement working together. Vinyasa is sometimes known as "flow yoga" because its practice consists of a series of poses that move quickly and smoothly from one to the next. Usually in a vinyasa style class, the pace is quick as you flow from pose to pose and link the breath with the movement. This vigorous style of yoga links breath and movement through a nimble sequence of sun saluations and postures. There’s plenty of toning and lean muscle building for your core, legs and glutes. The smooth, continuous flow deepens breathing, increases endurance and will test the edge of your balance and flexibility. The rigorous, moving flow in this style will build heat (i.e. sweat)- an excellent aid in increasing flexibility and can help build stamina.*Level 2- Vinyasa classes are best if you are already physically active, comfortable with basic yoga postures and appreciate a healthy sweat. This class is an accessible way to get an amazing workout and becomes more limber with a fun, fast paced flow. Level 2* Vinyasa classes are best if you are already physically active, comfortable with basic yoga postures and appreciate a healthy sweat. This class is an accessible way to get an amazing workout and becomes more limber with a fun, fast paced flow. 


Shimmy Chic Fitness: Spend your Sundays experiencing the magic of American Tribal Style™ Belly dance! ATS™ is a low-impact and accessible, with and emphasis on co-operation and connection. During the month of July, you will be introduced to some of the basic concepts, elements and vocabulary needed to participate in this beautiful dance. No experience necessary and we welcome individuals from all walks of life. Level 1 - Designed for everyone! 


Little Yogis/Yoginis (Kids Yoga): Yoga can be a great tool in order to help children deal with the influences of the world that bring stressful situations. In this class, we’ll provide techniques for self-health, relaxation, inner fulfillment so your child can navigate life’s challenges with a little more ease. Give your child the gift of yoga that brings forth a: 

• Boost in their self-esteem.
• Body awareness with a physical activity that is non-competitive.
• Greater academic achievement.
• Fostering cooperation and compassion.