Private Yoga Session

Group Yoga classes are a fun, energizing way to help strengthen a community. However, in group setting it may not deliver the individualized attention and guidance that one requires. A private session can give you a more intimate view into your practice.  It's important for us to develop strong and personal relationships with our students. In a private setting, it allows us to speak to you on a one-on-one level to get to know and understand who you are! We can help you achieve your goals, eliminate fears and boost self-confidence. Our caring and knowledgeable staff can custom a practice that will deepen your understanding or spend time working with an injury, goal or concern. Additionally, it can ease or reduce the intimidation from beginners attending a group class. 


Why a Private session is beneficial:

1.  You'll be able to grasp the basics of yoga which gives you the confidence in a group setting.


2. It's a great way to work on special health concerns, injuries or any other limitations. Poses are modified to fit you not the other way around. It's not a one size fits all practice! Example~ Should you have a wrist injury and entire class can be designed to strengthen the wrist without pain. 


3. The sessions are designed to target what you value as important. Maybe you want to master a specific pose that challenges you such as headstand or crow. Or maybe you want to learn postures that will help your golf game, take your running or biking or hiking skills up to the next level. 


4. There are so many different yoga styles. An experienced instructor can provide recommendations on what style works best for you based on observations in a private session. 


5. You can schedule a session to fit your hectic lifestyle! 


Private sessions are an investment for your overall growth and health. This is a stepping stone toward building a solid practice to prevent injury and receive all the healing powers of yoga. Schedule your private session today!