Welcome to Namaste Flow Yoga

We would like to personally welcome you to Namaste Flow Yoga! We feel delighted that you have selected Namaste Flow Yoga to guide you down your path of enlightenment or your path to a sweet and sleek physique. Below are some additional new member details:


Registration Form: As a new client, you will be asked for fill out and sign a release and waiver of liability. To save time, you can download the waiver, fill it out and bring it with you. If you prefer to complete the form at the studio- please arrive 10 minutes prior to class. Click here to down the  form. 


Class Environment: Come to practice with an empty stomach (unless a specific condition prevents this). Some yogis may have allergic reactions to perfume, colognes or strong essential oils so it’s best to omit wearing any strong fragrances for class.

If you have a health issue (illness, injury or medical condition), please notify the instructor before class and include this on the waiver form. Not every pose is appropriate for everyone. Namaste Flow Yoga provides an intimate, non-competitive environment to deepen and enhance your yoga experience. Our classes are kept small to provide you with high quality, individual attention. We practice in our bare feet for arch support. Postures can be modified to accommodate your needs and a guided relaxation will end each yoga session. Be kind and loving to yourself by accepting who and where you are. It is okay to come out of a pose before the instructor gives the clue. Do what you can, with what you have. Stay for the entire class but do let the instructor know if you have to leave early. All classes end with Namaste. This is Sanskrit that means the teacher honors the place in you which is of love, truth, light and peace.


Class Attire/Supplies: We encourage you to wear comfortable clothing (yoga pants are great- but any workout attire will work), be hydrated (bring water) and bring your yoga mat. While we do have yoga mats- it is said that each yogi’s individual mat has their energy (or maybe their sweat!!) deeply rooted into it. If you don’t have a deep relationship with your mat- use one of ours- their great too).


Class Schedule: Namaste Flow Yoga offers classes 7 days a week. Yoga classes range from gentle and slow-paced to more advanced and dynamic practices. All levels of fitness and experience are welcome. Click here to view our class descriptions. With continued practice it will be self-evident that you have discovered the most powerful physical development and personal growth instrument on earth (YOGA!). We look forward to seeing you on the yoga mat!